Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The result of first final semester test done by 3th grade and X PBSy

  1. XII TKJ
  2. XII MM
  3. XII AK1
  4. XII AK2
  5. XII PBsy
  6. XII AP1
  7. XII AP2
  8. XII PM1
  9. XII PM2
  10. X PBsy

remidial activities will be held in the second week of this month. contact your teacher right now... Some students below should do the remidial test:

  1. DEwi Fatma
  2. Emi Pudji A
  3. Fery Purwanto
  4. Rustiyana
  5. Wartinah
  1. Fida Mustafida
  2. Ika Murdaya
  3. Inayah
  4. Muslih
  5. Yuli Farida

Yang remidi XII PM1: Cahyono, Dewi Ela, Didik, Feni, Gita, Hadi, Ifnu, INa, Nuki, Santi dan Sinta

Yang remidi XII PM2: Anita, Asri, Bella, Caswitri, Dwi Risqi,Nia Juniya, Nur Fadhilah, Nurhayati Ning Tyas, Oke,Purnomo, Rizkiarta, Tri susanti dan Vicky

  1. Clara M
  2. Dyah P
  3. Fiqi
  4. Ghulam
  5. Ika
  6. Iqbal
  7. Irsyad
  8. Khaerunnisa
  9. Laras
  10. Prima
  11. Retno
  12. Wildan
  13. Yani

XII PBSy yellow will be those should do remidial test

  1. Ani Yulianti
  2. Kartumi
  3. Rohmah Yulaila
  4. Rohwati
  5. Murtinik
  6. Inna Dina A
  7. Siti kholifatun

So, please download this link, print and the remidial activities at 10.00 a.m, on Tuesday17th, 2013 in English Laboratory.

Remidial Test Download

...just do 20 items.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Post Test on September

Nilai ulangan XII TKJ bisa didownload di sini

  1. Yang remidi dari kelas XII TKJ, pada ulangan reading yang pertama; silahkan download link ini; kerjakan 25 soal aja; dikerjakan dikasih nama dan nomor urut dan hasil pekerjaan diconvert ke PDF dan kirim via email.
  2. untuk yang remidi kelas X PB, silahkan download soal yang ada di link ini; diprint, dikerjakan danirimkan ke sebelum tanggal 7 Oktober 2013

Monday, March 25, 2013

School and National Exam

Click the link below, and you will get the learning material for National exam preparation:

Monday, January 21, 2013

Kisi-Kisi MID Semester II 2012/2013

  1. Degree Comparasion
  2. a. Positive b. Comparative c. Superlative
  3. Memo
  4. There is...and There are....
  5. Adjectives ending with-ed and-ing
  6. Lingking Verb
  7. Sign and symbols
  8. Preposition
  9. Complete dialog with question words
  10. Invitation

Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Assignments for Class


  1. Nilai Sementara XII AK1
  2. Nilai Sementara XII PBSy
  3. Nilai Sementara XII AP2
  4. Nilai Sementara XII PM2
  5. Nilai Sementara XIIAP1
Silahkan kumpulkan tugas di meja saya sebelum hari Selasa, tanggal 11 Desember 2012

NIlai X MM, bisa klik di sini

; yang bila dirata-rata nilai kurang dari 75, berarti remidi; silahkan download link di bawah ini dan dikirimkan via email, secepatnya sebelum tanggal 6 Desember 2012

  1. Soal Bhs Inggris X Type A
  2. Soal Bhs Inggris X Type B

NIlai XI PB, bisa klik di sini

; yang bila dirata-rata nilai kurang dari 75, silahkan remidi dg link di bawah....
  1. Soal Kelompok A
  2. Soal Kelompok B
.....kerjkan dengan mengisi kolom yang kosong, bila sudajh selesai klik tombol check sampai keluar skor Anda; bila skor sudah terlihat silahkan copy dan paste di word dan dikumpulkan di meja saya paling lamabat hari Senin; tanggal 6 Desember 2012!!!

Nilai X MM, silahkan klik link ini!

setelah Anda download, silahkan check; sudah lengkapkah nilai Anda, bila belum silahkan kerjakan tugas Mandiri Terstruktur di bawah ini:

  1. Bagi yang belum mengikuti tes speaking (introducing your self), silahkan kirim rekaman Anda dalam bentuk mp3 ke alamat email atau ke
  2. Bila ditotal nilai Anda belum KKM, silahkan kerjakan latihan-latihan soal pada Kisi-kisi Ulangan Akhir semester mana saja dan print out di kumpulkan di meja saya
  3. Semua tugas harus sudah dikumpulkan atau dikirim ke email paling lambat tiga hari setelah UAS

Below are the links that the students should click to get their assignment they should be working on:

  1. Assignment for X MM
  2. Assignments for XII AK1, XII PM1
The assignment they have done must be submitted with in the day; so I can make sure all of you have put the copies on my desk

Harus di kumpulkan di meja saya!!!! New info, klik tulisan biru atau hitam di bawah ini

Kisi-Kisi UAS 2012/2013!!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Mid Third Semester Test 2012/2013

Mid Third Semester Test

I.Change into Interrogative sentences
  1. Her sister washes her dress (yes)
  2. All of my students are in the classroom (no)
  3. Mr. Gunawan can lift this heavy box (yes)
  4. Sinta was at home five hours ago (no)
II.Make question sentences depend on the underlined words
  1. Nina and Kayla are playing doll in the living room.
  2. Our sister will make a birthday cake in the kitchen tomorrow.
  3. Mother always cooks fried rice at seven o' clock a.m
III.Read this dialog and add suitable question tags to the dialog

Tommy: It is a quarter t seven,...............(1). Rommy: Right, we will be late, school beings at seven..........(2). Tommy: Let's go by motor cycles, ….............(3). Rommy: But you don't have driving license, …..............(4). Tommy: You are right. I guess we should ride our bicycles. You haven't given up cycling...............(5). Rommy: No, haven't.

IV.Complete with gerund or to infinitive
  1. Mother prepared (make) a birthday cake.
  2. My brother continued (study) to America two years ago.
  3. I dislike (dance).
  4. Father has decided (go) to Japan with his friends.,
  5. I left the house without (say) because I was angry with you.
  6. (Collect) stamps is Arum's hobby.
  7. Mr. Danny wants (post) a letter for his brother.
  8. .Father ordered me (close) the door.
  9. My grandfather stopped (smoke) last week.
V.Combine the sentence using too or enough,
  1. Nastiti can't buy new watch. It's too expensive
  2. We can do the test. It is easy enough.
  3. Don't eat this mangoes. They are not ripe enough.
  4. The boy couldn't climb the mountain. It was too high.,
  5. . ,li>I can sleep in your room. It was big enough.
VI.Replace the bold words with suitable pronoun
  1. My sister and I told a story to her little sister.
  2. Nina and Kayla give a candy to Via and Luna.
  3. Tell the answer to Mr. Gunawan.
  4. .Mrs. Ridwan is making a cake in the kitchen and Mrs. Ridwan will give a cake to me.
  5. Give this salt fish to that cat.
VII.Change the following sentences into reported speech
  1. Rini said to sinta; : Do you help your mother after school?,
  2. Rudy said : I am going to town with my sister.,
  3. Father told me : finish your home work.
  4. Teacher said to the students : Don't come late to your classroom.
  5. Rita asked Robert: Where do you live?,
To see your score in Mid Semester test, please download in this address.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

mid semester test

  1. Fill in the blanks with suitable words or phrases (10 items)
  2. example: Before we start today sociology lecture, I'd like (1).....with you. Before we start today sociology lecture, I'd like to talk with you
  3. Complete the sentences(10 items)
  4. Example: A servants is a person who........ A servant is a person who works in a household.
  5. Complete the dialog(10 items).
  6. Example: Steve: Hello, Anne?.......Steve Parker. Steve: Hello, Anne? This is Steve Parker